Nitesh Shah
Nitesh Shah
Director Research
Wisdom Tree

Nitesh is Director of Research at WisdomTree. Prior to the acquisition of ETF Securities in April 2018, Nitesh was a Commodities Strategist for the company. Nitesh has 16 years of experience as an economist and strategist, covering a wide range of markets and asset classes. Before joining ETF Securities, Nitesh was an economist covering the European structured finance markets at Moody’s Investors Service and was a member of Moody’s global macroeconomics team. Before that he was an economist at the Pension Protection Fund and an equity strategist at Decision Economics. He started his career at HSBC Investment Bank. Nitesh holds a Bachelor of Science in Economics from the London School of Economics and a Master of Arts in International Economics and Finance from Brandeis University (USA).

Investing in gold and other precious metals: a source of stability in uncertain times.

Gold performs well when cyclical assets are faltering. It serves as a great hedge in times of uncertainty. With coronavirus casting doubts about the strength of global growth and a year of potential geopolitical turbulence, attention to gold is nearing record highs. Other precious metals have a strong correlation to gold and therefore offer a proxy to gold’s traits, sometimes at lower entry points. Nitesh Shah will discuss his outlook for gold and other precious metals using models he has developed and offer scenarios for what is likely to be a year of uncertainty.