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Places for to Investment Europe Select Italia are complimentary for discretionary investment professionals who actively invest client money, or researchers/analysts who influence decisions relating to the buying or selling of funds.

Please apply for your place using the following registration form. You will be contacted to let you know if your registration has been approved. Once approved you will have the chance to book your virtual meetings for the day and from there you will be sent the necessary dial-in details.

We welcome delegates from the following firm types: Private Banks, Asset Management Companies, Family Offices, Independent Financial Adviser Firms, Discretionary Investment Management Companies, Investment Consultancies, Pension Funds, Insurance Companies, Retail Banks

With job titles such as: Fund Selector / Manager Selector, Chief Investment Officer, Fund Analyst / Manager Analyst, Portfolio Manager, Investment Manager, Fund of Funds Manager / Multimanager, Head of Advisory Desk, Head of Fund Research / fund Selection, Wealth Manager / Financial Advisors

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