Jørgen Kjærsgaard, Co-Head—European Fixed Income; Director—European and Global Credit

Fund: AB European Income Portfolio

Escape the Negative Yield Environment While Safeguarding Your Capital

Earning investment income today is challenging. With negative or near zero rates of interest from government bonds, investors need a proven approach to generate income while safeguarding their capital. As more banks will likely transfer negative interest rates to depositors, holding cash in Europe would mean a certain loss on savings. That’s why neither the low yields nor tighter valuations in corporate bonds have stopped the flows moving from cash into fixed income markets, which remain supported by ultra-accommodative central banks.

Candriam (1)

Ken Van Weyenberg, Senior Client Portfolio Manager – Thematic Global Equity

Fund: Candriam Sustainable Equity Climate Action

Climate Action: A Multi-Decade Investment Global Solution Providers

Climate Change is an unprecedented challenge, but at the same time a multi-decade investment opportunity.

Candriam (2)

Mohamed Lamine Saidi, Senior Fund Manager, Emerging Markets Equity

Fund: Candriam Sustainable Equity Emerging Markets

Sustainable & Responsible Investing in Emerging Markets

Candriam’s SRI Equity Emerging Markets process is built on our strongly held belief that companies which embrace sustainability-related opportunities and challenges in concert with their financial opportunities and challenges are the most likely to generate long-term shareholder value. We apply our fundamental Emerging Markets Equity philosophy to the ESG investible universe. We believe a conviction-driven investment approach can generate superior returns in Emerging Markets. Our experience has been that a portfolio of attractively priced quality companies with strong and sustainable growth will generate consistent excess returns. We also believe a thematic approach identifying supportive trends can generate superior returns relative to the more traditional top-down allocation.

Edmond de Rothschild (1)

Nicolas Leprince, Lead Portfolio Manager of EdRF Bond Allocation

Julien Tisserand, Co-Manager of EdRF Bond Allocation

Fund: Edmond de Rothschild Fund Bond Allocation

Why Favour a Flexible Bond Approach in the Current Market Environment

In this low yield environment, we will discuss the fixed income sectors and strategies ranging from credit, rates to inflation, emerging debt which continue to offer an attractive risk-return profile. We will detail why an active and flexible bond allocation is key for delivering robust alpha.

Edmond de Rothschild (2)

Ada Cerne, Managing Director, Infrastructure & Structured Finance Advisory

Jean-Francis Dusch, CEO of EDR (UK), CIO of Infrastructure Debt

Fund: Bridge-V Senior and Bridge-V Yield Plus as part of the Bridge Platform

Why Infrastructure Represents an Attractive Fixed Income Offering

We will discuss how Infrastructure represents an attractive fixed income offering from Risk return standpoint (eg, vs. Corporate), with two main offering; how it naturally offers portfolio diversification with a strong ESG component; and how it has proven resilient thoroughly the challenge of the Covid pandemic.

Generali Investments (1)
Anis Lahlou, Chief Investment Officer UK at Aperture Investors
Fund: Aperture Investors SICAV - European Innovation Fund

Reimagining Europe Through the Lens of Innovation
Innovation is everywhere - no matter the industry or sector, there are countless companies experiencing or likely to experience inflection in their business or markets because of it. And although many of the world's most innovative companies are based in Europe, they are often overlooked or undervalued due to the dynamics of the global equity market. Anis Lahlou, Chief Investment Officer of European Equities at Aperture Investors, will highlight the continent’s history of growth and disruption and how it’s shaped his strategy to identify the best innovation-driven investments across the European Equities universe

Generali Investments (2)
Gilles Sitbon, Senior Portfolio Manager at Sycomore AM
Johan Söderström, Senior Portfolio Manager at Sycomore AM
Fund: Sycomore Fund SICAV - Sycomore Sustainable Tech

Responsible Tech, Driving A Better World For And By Mankind
Sycomore Sustainable Tech is the first Global SRI "stock-picking" fund in Europe that invests in companies with a particular focus on sustainable value creation in the technology sector. The fund is managed without geographical, capitalization size and style constraints. Stock selection is based on rigorous fundamental analysis coupled with proprietary ESG analysis. Expert advice and contacts with companies enable a constructive dialogue with the securities in the portfolio. Sycomore AM, in partnership with Gaia Capital Partners, has defined a "Responsible Tech Charter" to identify companies with positive social and environmental contributions.

Manulife Investment Management

Murray Collis, Deputy CIO, Fixed Income, Asia (ex-Japan), Head of Fixed Income Singapore
Fund: Sustainable Asia Bond Fund

Unlocking Sustainable Investing Opportunities in Asian Fixed Income
Sustainable and responsible investing is fast becoming one of the most important investment criteria globally, and in Asia, while the uptake has been slower, this trend is accelerating. Murray Collis, Deputy CIO Fixed Income Asia ex-Japan, and lead portfolio manager of the Sustainable Asia Bond Fund shares his views on the drivers behind this movement and how the COVID-19 outbreak may have influenced developments. Murray also discusses the opportunities for investment across the region and the team’s approach to sustainable investing.

RWC Partners (1)

Colin Liang, Portfolio Manager

Fund: RWC China Equity Fund

Capturing Best Growth Opportunities in China

Description of speech content: The Chinese stock market is structurally benefited from under-representation in global equity indices, more sophisticated investor base and vibrant economic growth. The skewed distribution of stock return is a fertile ground for stock pickers. We aim to capture Chinese growth stocks at the best part of their business cycles, leveraging combined top-down, thematic and bottom-up researches.

RWC Partners (2)

Davide Basile, Portfolio Manager

Justin Craib-Cox, Co-Portfolio Manager

Fund: RWC Global Convertibles Fund

Benefitting from Convertibles Today

The current environment presents significant challenges for investors, with low rates, tight credit spreads and arguably stretched equity valuations and a potentially volatile backdrop given the many uncertainties that persist today. Convertibles can offer investors a compelling way to navigate this challenging period.

Vontobel Asset Management (1)

Marco Lenfers, CFA, Client Portfolio Manager, Director

Fund: Vontobel Fund Clean Technology